ISCHE Committees


The goal of this committee is to plan the semi-annual retreats. The tasks include identifying a date and location for the retreat, setting the agenda for the retreat (including scientific sessions, meals, local activities, etc.), coordinating local logistics (e.g., transportation), assisting in the development of a registration website, and updating the membership and Board about the retreat.

Committee Members

Committee Chair: Carly Hyland

Council Liason: Carly Hyland     Cecilia Alcala, 

Paulina Farias Serra   Tom Webster

Thomas Webster      Patricia Cintora      Rafael Junqueira Buralli      Cecilia Alcala

 Paulina Farias Serra      Maria Jose Talayero Schettino     

Victor Florez-Garcia, Patricia Cintora


The mission of the committee is to select the Needleman Award winner.

Committee Members

Committee Chair: Ruth Etzel

Council Liason: Megan Horton

Ruth Etzel     Megan Horton    Walter Rogan     

Wendy Heiger-Bernays      Neil Leifer


The objective of this committee is to translate the Society’s activities to our ISCHE members through the website, email, and other social media platforms. We will develop newsletters highlighting the Society’s activities and committees’.

Committee Members

Committee Chair: Cecilia Alcala

Council Liason: Cecilia Alcala

Maria Jose Talayero Schettino


The mission of this committee is to encourage the active participation of members in ISCHE’s existing programs, and in proposing and participating in new programs. We urge current members to make their membership renewal payment and track this effectively. Additionally, we invite new members to join ISCHE, while keeping the Society at functional and cozy size. Lastly, we promote diversity of the members and increase representation from as many countries as possible.

Committee Members

Committee ChairPaulina Farías

Council Liason: Nosiku Sipilanyambe Munyinda

Rob McConnell    Carly Hyland    

Nosiku Sipilanyambe Munyinda       Paulina Farías


The mission of the Fellowship committee is to sustain and foster ISCHE's Research to Action Fellowship, mentor the next generation of children's environmental health leaders, and provide training on translating research into policy and action. Activities include planning quarterly science communication webinars, supporting Teams composed of Mentors and Fellows, and providing networking and growth opportunities for Fellows (e.g., writing sessions, assistance in attending retreats, opportunities to present research).

Committee Member

Committee Chair: Carly Hyland

Council Liason: Rob McConnell

Carly Hyland & Cecilia Alcala

Rob McConnell     Cecilia Alcala     Jennifer L. Ames 

Piyush Kumar    Nse Witherspoon     Youssef Oulhote      Sietske Berghuis

Nosiku Sipilanyambe Munyinda      Piyush Kumar      Carly Hyland


The objective of the committee is to raise awareness on the impact of climate on children's health and to assure that ISCHE, as an organization, upholds the principles of sustainability.

Committee Members

Committee ChairRebecca Schmidt, Brenda Eskenazi

Council Liason: Ana Maria Mora

Youssef Oulhote      Maryann Cairns      Jose Ricardo Suarez      Danielle Ramos

 Marya G. Zlatnik      Katarzyna Kordas      Howard Mielke      Ana Maria Mora     

Jon Øyvind Odland      Rob McConnell      Lesliam Quiros-Alcala      

Ruth Etzel      Kam Sripada

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Children are essential to our future and the continuation of human life. Children around the world are confronted by multiple environmental threats to health, including toxins, air pollution, psychosocial stress, and climate change. Infants and children are often exquisitely vulnerable to these threats; exposures during critical windows of vulnerability have been associated with a wide range of childhood diseases. Early life exposures can also increase the risk of chronic diseases in adulthood.